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Working with a Coach

  • Coach and clients are on peer basis.

  • Trained to work with functioning clients.

  • Goals designed by coach and client together.

  • Focuses on evolving and creating potential.

  • Emphasis on present and future.

  • Action and solution oriented. 

  • Explores actions and behaviours that manifest high self-esteem.

  • Coaches negative self-beliefs as challenges.

  • Does not diagnose or treat.

  • Hold s accountability between session as important.

  • Stresses availability between sessions.

  • Uses coaching skills. Views client as a whole being on a journey.

Working with a Therapist

  • Trained to work with major mental illness.

  • Hierarchical difference between therapist and client.

  • Treatment plan largely designed by therapist.

  • Focuses on healing and understanding.

  • Emphasis on past and present.

  • Insight and problem oriented. 

  • Explores origins of behaviours that create low self-esteem.

  • Analyzes and treat origins of negative self-beliefs.

  • Diagnoses and treats.

  • Accountability less commonly expected.

  • Contact between sessions for crisis and difficulties only.

  • Uses therapy techniques. Views client from a medical model.

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