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"Sarah has made a huge difference in my eating disorder recovery. I could not get through this rough journey without her experienced advice, perceptive observations, non-judgmental questions, and extensive knowledge on the psychology and day to day difficulties of recovering from an eating disorder. Having her as my coach strengthens my belief that full recovery is possible and that support is always there for those who ask."



"Hi Sarah! I love you so much and think that you're best nurse I've ever worked with. You're so kind, compassionate, empathetic and caring and it doesn't go unnoticed. I'm going to miss you so much. Just wanted to give you this note of appreciation."


"Sarah, you are a super hero! You've changed my life in so many ways! You really helped me feel safe here (Ai Pono.)  Thank you for everything you do!"


"Sarah- I wish we could have done a surfing outing with you! Thank you for letting me complain and rant to you all the time. I loved sound healing and your groups. You're so inspiring and strong. It was so helpful to hear your story and how well you're doing. I wish I could have stayed longer (at Ai Pono) to get more advice from your groups and surfing! I'm so grateful for meeting you and having someone to look up to."


Sarah!! Thank you for always listening to my complaints. Hopefully we can go on a surfing outing! I loved sound healing & the group you led!

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"Sarah! You are amazing. I can not thank you enough for everything you've done for me. I remember checking in with you when I first got here (Ai Pono) and was in shambles. You helped save my life. I feel night and day from when I first got here. You are such a super hero to me. Thank you so much to infinity foreign the ray of light that you are. I'm so grateful that I'll able to continue this journey with you in person. Much love."

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