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eating disoder recovery coaching
Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching
Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching  

As your coach, I am here to help identify the issues that are keeping you from moving forward in eating disorder recovery.  We will work together in recognizing behaviours that are no longer helpful. I will help you develop skills that will allow you to thrive and feel empowered. Each session is tailored and customized to your unique needs. You can expect our sessions to include personal discussion, setting in between session goals, mind, body, soul therapies and after hours support via text and email. You will be encouraged to text or reach out when additional support is needed in the present moment.

One of my main duties​ as your coach is to assist you with ​feeling​ connected to someone who truly understands the eating disorder journey; moreover, has the skills and knowledge to guide ​you.

How our sessions will support your Eating Disorder Recovery Journey:

  • Learning and practicing new ways of coping with difficult emotions

  • Developing and practicing self-compassion

  • Body image healing work

  • Exploring your authentic values

  • Exploring your Why's for recovery

  • Learning and practicing ways of challenging eating disorder thoughts

  • Helping you to set goals and supporting and guiding you in achieving your goals

  • Challenging eating disorder behaviours in a planned, supported way

  • Eating meals, snacks and fear foods together as you feel ready

  • Supporting you with grocery shopping, meal preparation, clothing shopping, and other practical aspects of recovery work

  • Supporting you in accessing and strengthening your authentic self and the body, mind, soul connection

  • Supporting the work you're doing with your treatment team, therapist or dietitian.


*Text support throughout the week

*Available via phone, in-person, or virtually through zoom.

*Group support additional (based on availability)

Session Details
  • Both talking and meal support sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. However, 90-minute or even 2-hour sessions are also available.

  • Sessions are typically on a weekly basis but this can be tailored to your needs and, if relevant, recommendations from your treatment team, therapist or dietitian.

  • The focus of each session will be individualized and based on your goals, as well as collaboration with any treatment team members you may have.

  • I work with clients locally Maui, Hawaii and I am available globally via video conferencing.

  • Prices are in USD.

  • Payment is required before each session.

They asked her,

“Can time heal you?”

She answered,

“You are the key to your healing, not time. Hurt, trauma and dense conditioning will continue sitting in your mind, impacting your emotions and behavior, until you go inward. What heals is self-love, learning to let go, self-awareness and building new habits.”

-Yung Pueblo

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