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eating disoder recovery coaching
Parent Support & Resource Guidance
Parent Support and Resource Guidance

Helping your child with body image issues and food challenges can be an intimidating task.  As a parent, we want what is best for our children and watching someone we love suffer can be incredibly difficult; especially if we lack the knowledge or resources to be helpful.


During our session, we will talk about what is helpful and not helpful in supporting your child as they recover from an eating disorder.  Education will be provided regarding eating disorders and behaviors, and we will also assess the specific challenges or behaviors that are concerning.  Together we will construct a plan in which you feel confident and knowledgeable helping your child overcome an eating disorder.




*Available via phone, in-person, or video conferencing

Session Details

  • I work with clients locally (Maui, Hawaii) in person and am available globally via video conferencing.

  • Prices are in USD.

  • Payment is required before each session.

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"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."

-Yung Pueblo

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