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eating disorder recovery philosophy
  • Full recovery is possible regardless of length of time one has suffered.

  • Recovery is much more than the absence of eating disordered behaviour; Recovery is about healing your relationship with food and with body. When you are recovered, you are free from eating disordered thoughts.

  • Recovery is not linear; The process can seem like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back…..however; the overall movement is forward.

  • Recovery can not be placed in a timeframe and has many ups and downs. The “downs” allow opportunity to learn and grow.

  • I believe it is important to align the body, mind and soul. In eating disorders, these parts are disconnected which causes chaos and internal conflict. As a coach, I help clients align integrate these parts and build a life worth living.

  • Each person healing from an eating disorder is unique and special. This means your treatment will be highly individualized towards your own challenges, goals and learning style.

  • Thoughts and behaviours do not define who we are, but we can learn more about ourselves if we look at our own thoughts and behaviours without judgement.

  • I believe each person can live a fully empowered life and fully thrive. The answers to your journey and recovery already exist inside of you. As your recovery coach, I am here to help you discover the internal power within.

  • Our sessions are highly individualized to meet your unique needs and goals. I value working from a holistic standpoint in which I utilize body, mind, soul modalities such as allopathic medicine, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing therapy and self empowerment training.  

  • My approach is grounded in my strong medical background of 20 years in critical care Nursing. I am familiar with complicated medical issues associated with eating disorders.

  • As the a cofounder and owner of Maui Sound Healing I have worked with hundreds of clients to support emotional and spiritual wellness, which always remains a significant goal of mine while working with clients recovery from various eating disorders.

  • I believe the recovery process as a journey towards self-awareness. Through this journey, an individual can learn to nourish herself physically, as well as emotionally, and restore a sense of balance to her life. I believe that eating disorders can be successfully treated and overcome. A life of struggle and conflict can become one that is rich, meaningful, and fulfilling.

  • I strive to provide an essential connection to one’s inner wisdom, or internal guidance system. I believe that this connection can provide those who recover with a lifelong solution to specific struggles with eating, rather than a temporary fix. 

Yours in healing,



“Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is opening what has been closed, softening what has hardened into obstruction, healing is learning to trust life.” 
- Jeanne Achterberg

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